New Zealand's Taxation for gambling

New Zealand’s Taxation Criteria to Cash out Your Winning Amount

The frequency of gamers in New Zealand’s online casino business has skyrocketed. This is because most Kiwis now have availability to increased internet access at minimal cost, permitting them to join online casinos. Every day, many players from and in New Zealand participate in online gaming platforms.

One thing to keep in mind is that local online casinos are neither registered nor authorized in New Zealand; however, there are numerous offshore online casinos. There is no restriction for New Zealanders to use these websites; thus, they can spend their time enjoying their favourite online casino games.

However, from the player’s standpoint, it is necessary to be informed of the taxes that profits from an online casino are subject to. Because of the taxation criteria, players must grasp all New Zealand tax rules before enjoying real money activities at a gambling website. Therefore, we present you with all of the details you should have for an enjoyable betting experience while adhering to New Zealand gambling rules.

Grouping of gambling activities

Grouping of gambling activities

The same legislation governs all gaming actions in New Zealand. The Gambling Act of 2003 regulates these laws. The government will impose no taxes if New Zealand gamers make their bets on a foreign online casino. The Income Tax Act of 2007 states that no money made from online gaming is chargeable.

No taxes imposed for New Zealanders

Whether it’s an online or offline platform, players will always be informed about the taxes they must pay when they win. However, there is some valuable news for New Zealanders. Because playing casino games is regarded as a pastime in the country, the government does not tax any winnings. As a result, Kiwis may enjoy their gains because there are no taxes placed on gaming profits. These can include any sports betting activity or online casino games.

An exception to the tax payable in New Zealand

Though wins from New Zealand online casinos are not meant to be taxed, there is one exemption to the existing rule. While engaging in online poker, you may be subject to taxes. If the sum gained playing online poker is an income stream, players might be compelled to record the sum earned and pay the taxes. This declaration choice, however, is entirely up to the player.


The government is ,thus, uninformed of any money earned by players because New Zealand participants are not required to record any of their winnings from betting sites. Furthermore, because gambling is regarded as a leisure and a pastime in the country, many players will never declare any winnings.

To Sum Up

Until you are a licensed poker player, you may not be subject to any taxation on any winnings made online. If wagering is not your primary means of income, you do not have to record your wins. Any money gained when participating in an international gambling website will not be taxed in New Zealand.